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Interesting article on the impact of CRM and small business

The customer relationship management (CRM) solution market has all manner of applications, from customizable on-premise systems to easy-to-use solutions that integrate right into your email. Even enterprises fall into the trap of getting CRMs filled with features they never use. See more…

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Keeping your CRM data clean

Useful article on the importance of keeping CRM data clean and up to date: CRM:Clean Your Data

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SQL Server 2005 Support ending soon – Act! 2007, Act! 2008, Act! 2009, Act!2010

Microsoft has announced that as of April 12, 2016, they will no longer be supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – see more info here

How does this impact Act! users?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is used in the following versions of Act!:

  • Act!

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Act! Version 18 and Act! Premium Hosted – due soon….

We’re pleased to be able to report that Act! v18 is waiting in the wings, the launch date is yet to be announced but it’s imminent and promises further enhancements to functionality, look and feel.

Also, ‘Act! Premium Hosted’ will also soon be available for clients who want to be able to access their databases whilst out and about and do not have their own hosting facilities.

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How to organise a Telemarketing or Telesales Database ?

How to organise a telemarketing database ?…..

….it’s a question that needs answering as we know people are searching for an answer when they find our website.

So, how should you organise a telemarketing database? or organise a sales database? essentially they are likely to be very similar.

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Do you need an Industry Specific CRM?

Interesting article from IT Toolbox on creating industry specific CRM solutions….

At Project Support we specialise in creating customised databases for our clients in various vertical sectors, as well as general sales solutions across many business types we also have extensive knowledge of Accounts Solutions, Direct Payments, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Manufacturing.

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Will Act! work with Windows 10 ?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’ but it does depend on which version of Act! you are using and it may require some Hotfixes to be applied.

Act! v17 will work with Windows 10 but depending on which version you are using it will require a hotfix to be applied otherwise when adding documents Act!

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Project Support can now offer the Act! + Plus addon for Act!

Project Support Ltd have been trained and approved as a business partner in the UK for the Act! + Plus addon from Melvill Schellman.

Act! + offers a vast amount of additional functionality for Act! users – check out the detail here


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Roadmap for successful CRM implementation..

We’ve developed a simple roadmap infographic for successfully implementing CRM into a business, obviously we specialise in Act! but the principle is still the same regardless of the application you choose. There is obviously some dialogue to support the images and the high level text.

If you would like to talk this through then we’d be happy to discuss it with you and explain it in more detail…

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Does Telemarketing work? Can it actually deliver business ?

We recently undertook a highly focussed telemarketing campaign using our own resources to 30 or so organisations, in a vertical market sector that we have specific expertise in.

These calls immediately resulted in requests to provide further information to seven companies.

This then resulted in four meetings which has subsequently resulted in confirmed orders for new multi-user Act!

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