We recently undertook a highly focussed telemarketing campaign using our own resources to 30 or so organisations, in a vertical market sector that we have specific expertise in.

These calls immediately resulted in requests to provide further information to seven companies.

This then resulted in four meetings which has subsequently resulted in confirmed orders for new multi-user Act! database solutions into four new client sites.

So the answer to the two questions is a resounding ‘YES!‘ but with the following caveats:

  • plan your campaign and research your target market thoroughly
  • understand your target market sector
  • prepare a professional introduction – but never use a script
  • have evidence to hand to support your proposition
  • have reference information available (ideally)
  • ensure you have confidence and understanding of your proposition and your target market
  • always be polite
  • make sure you send follow up emails immediately, if requested
  • be creative – if you cannot get to the person you need by ‘phone do some more research and try an email approach – it’s amazing what is on the internet if you look hard enough !

Telemarketing can be hard work but very rewarding when you get results.

Out-sourcing to a specialist telemarketing company is an option, but you must ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and objectives are agreed otherwise it may not deliver the results you expect.


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