Microsoft has announced that as of April 12, 2016, they will no longer be supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – see more info here

How does this impact Act! users?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is used in the following versions of Act!:

  • Act! 9.0 (Act! by Sage 2007)
  • Act! 10.0 (Act! by Sage 2008)
  • Act! 11.0 (Act! by Sage 2009)
  • Act! 12.0 (Act! by Sage 2010) – although some Act! 12.0 versions may use SQL 2008 R2

If you are using a version of Act! that communicates with SQL Server 2005, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your database to the latest version of Act! so that it can communicate with a newer and supported version of SQL. When you upgrade to a more recent version of Act! you will also receive a more recent version of SQL that will remain supported by Microsoft.

The current version of SQL Server deployed with Act! is SQL Server 2014

Contact Us for help and advice with upgrading Act!


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