Here’s a snippet from an article by Maximizer with regard to the new data protection laws implemented in Canada and the likely impact it will have on us in the EU…

Most business people involved in using customer data to market or sell directly via mail, SMS, social media messaging and other digital channels are at least vaguely aware that profound changes in regulation in this area are coming and they are going to have to do something – something pretty big in fact – to meet new rules sooner rather than later.

The Canadian government has been one of the first to strike in the data protection and anti-spam arena and companies based in, or even just operating in, Canada have had to move rather sharpishly to comply. At Maximizer, having a Canadian parent, we are keenly aware of the new strict data protection regulations just instituted in Canada, in which the sending of commercial electronic messages without the recipient’s explicit consent, including messages to email addresses and social networking accounts, and text messages sent to a mobile phone, is prohibited. That means companies can no longer accept passive permissions that rely on consumers not bothering to opt out: now they have to actively opt in to receive commercial messages.

Tough new European laws in the pipeline – read more

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