Last week was manic to say the least along with the Swiftpage conference, we were developing an Act! database for a London Rugby Club, an Act! database for a very well known charity that is involved with dogs (!) and doing some troubleshooting for several clients. One of which was getting some very strange errors which after 3 hours on-site was found to be probably related to a virus – be very, very careful what websites you visit !

This week has already started off to be busy – a 2 hour meeting this morning with a Will Writing company who is setting up a franchised operation and wants Act! to support it, an a couple of calls from IT partners who have Act! clients and need to upgrade, and another call where Act! has been installed but not configured to what the business really needs. Which we find extremely frustrating and is down to a lack of business awareness from the person who did it ! Very frustrating !


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