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Project Support are an authorised Synety CloudCall partner, call us to discuss integrating your CRM application with your telephony system and the benefits that this offers.

SYNETY develops and provides a suite of business communication software and services called CloudCall aimed at helping fast growing medium and large organisations and their employees become far more efficient in the way they handle customer interactions over the phone.

CloudCall allows calls and call recordings to have direct integration with your CRM and Microsoft Outlook software without requiring any new hardware. With both inbound and outbound calling features available SYNETY’s CloudCall products cater to many markets.

CloudCall Click provides CRM telephony integration and allows you to call contacts directly from your Act! contacts, accounts, leads or opportunities. The user can access and replay call recordings directly inside the Act! contact or account record.

SYNETY’s CloudCall products are designed to work with any existing phone system, Skype or Hosted Telephony solution. If you do require a full PBX replacement – CloudCall Enterprise provides businesses with an advanced Hosted VoIP PBX service with access to our CloudCall API to integrate into your existing software without requiring specialist phones or telephone lines.

CloudCall features:

  • Provides Act! users with Click2Call and call recording functionality for their CRM interface.
  • Comes equipped with inbound and outbound call functionality, VERY low call rates and a full reporting suite from only £10 per month
  • Optional Call Recording with click to dial functionality
  • Wholesale Call Rates: From 2 pence per minute for mobiles and 0.75 pence per minute for landlines
  • Real Time KPI Reporting Dashboard
  • Transforms your Act! CRM into a powerful communications system using state of the art Cloud technologies and Voice API.
  • Provides Act! CRM customers with improved productivity for sales and support teams by allowing inbound and outbound calling functionality through their hosted dialler.
  • With call recording available for up to 7 years, all calls made through CloudCall can be retrieved at any point during this period.

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CloudCall is designed to work with any existing communications system. It can be used on any current PBX or landline infrastructure, meaning your current system can remain intact without change.

CloudCall can quickly and efficiently be installed into the current applications of any business, allowing users to make recorded calls directly from their CRM.

CloudCall is a cloud alternative to TAPI and integrates CTI (computer telephony integration) functionality into Act!.

A Broadband-based hosted VoIP (Voice-Over IP) Hosted PBX giving full geographic independence and click to call functionality,

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