Do you need an Industry Specific CRM?

Interesting article from IT Toolbox on creating industry specific CRM solutions….

At Project Support we specialise in creating customised databases for our clients in various vertical sectors, as well as general sales solutions across many business types we also have extensive knowledge of Accounts Solutions, Direct Payments, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Manufacturing.

Will Act! work with Windows 10 ?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’ but it does depend on which version of Act! you are using and it may require some Hotfixes to be applied.

Act! v17 will work with Windows 10 but depending on which version you are using it will require a hotfix to be applied otherwise when adding documents Act! will crash.

The Knowledge Base article below has links for v17.1 and v17.2 hotfixes

If you are using Act! 2013 or earlier the advice from Swiftpage is NOT to upgrade to Windows 10 until you have upgrade Act!

As always if you have any questions then give us a call and we can help with any upgrades.



Act! 2013 – End Of Life

Act! 2013 will be withdrawn from sale on 30th November 2015! Upgrade your software to maintain compatibility and support

Every product has a lifecycle and ours are no different. The lifecycle starts when a product is released to market and ends when the product is no longer sold or supported. Swiftpage’s obsolescence cycle starts when a product version is removed from sale.

From December 2015, Act! 2013 customers will not be able to purchase additional licenses or Business Care contracts and will not be entitled to upgrade pricing.

Act! 2013 is no longer available as of 30th November 2015 – Upgrade now and save up to 40%* – see our Special Offers 

Project Support can now offer the Act! + Plus addon for Act!

Act! Plus Logo

Project Support Ltd have been trained and approved as a business partner in the UK for the Act! + Plus addon from Melvill Schellman.

Act! + offers a vast amount of additional functionality for Act! users – check out the detail here


AVG Update stops Act! Working – July 2015

An AVG update over the past few days seems to be causing havoc amongst Act! users by suddenly stopping Act! from working.

How an update from AVG can be allowed to do this to an application which has existed for 26 years is beyond us, clearly their software testing and release process needs review!

Anyway, Act! users will almost certainly have to add ALL Act! related executables to the AVG exceptions – there is information on the AVG website to explain how to do this

Roadmap for successful CRM implementation..

We’ve developed a simple roadmap infographic for successfully implementing CRM into a business, obviously we specialise in Act! but the principle is still the same regardless of the application you choose. There is obviously some dialogue to support the images and the high level text.

If you would like to talk this through then we’d be happy to discuss it with you and explain it in more detail…

Succesful CRM is not just about installing some software !

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    Does Telemarketing work? Can it actually deliver business ?

    We recently undertook a highly focussed telemarketing campaign using our own resources to 30 or so organisations, in a vertical market sector that we have specific expertise in.

    These calls immediately resulted in requests to provide further information to seven companies.

    This then resulted in four meetings which has subsequently resulted in confirmed orders for new multi-user Act! database solutions into four new client sites.

    So the answer to the two questions is a resounding ‘YES!‘ but with the following caveats:

    • plan your campaign and research your target market thoroughly
    • understand your target market sector
    • prepare a professional introduction – but never use a script
    • have evidence to hand to support your proposition
    • have reference information available (ideally)
    • ensure you have confidence and understanding of your proposition and your target market
    • always be polite
    • make sure you send follow up emails immediately, if requested
    • be creative – if you cannot get to the person you need by ‘phone do some more research and try an email approach – it’s amazing what is on the internet if you look hard enough !

    Telemarketing can be hard work but very rewarding when you get results.

    Out-sourcing to a specialist telemarketing company is an option, but you must ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and objectives are agreed otherwise it may not deliver the results you expect.

    Don’t miss the Anglia Business Exhibition 2015

    Project Support will be exhibiting at the Anglia Business Exhibition this year, it will be a must visit event, bigger and better than ever with a huge new exhibition area all under one roof. We’ll be on Stand 114 – come visit us ! Talk to us about CRM database solutions with integrated email marketing and SMS messaging…talk to us about Sage 50, talk to us about Synety Cloud Call solutions.

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    Get 25% Cash Back on Act! Training …

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    With the Employer Training Incentive Pilot businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk can get 25% cash back on staff training! – We are an approved supplier for this scheme – see more details here.

    Top 5 Best and Worst CRM practices

    Customer relationship management (CRM) software is praised in the marketplace as the next best thing in sales and marketing intelligence solutions. Download “Top 5 Best and Worst CRM Practices” will enlighten businesses that the CRM software, in and of itself, is typically not the source when good and/or poor results occur. Read more…



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