New Business Rates 2017 – is your BID database ready ?

There are new business rates coming into force in April 2017.

If your Act! BID database contains RV data you may want to update the database to reflect these changes.

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5 CRM Mistakes to avoid…

An interesting article regarding potential mistakes that should be avoided when implementing CRM…

5 mistakes to avoid

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CRM project failure? – what next ?

Here’s a link to a useful article that gives some useful advice on what to do if your CRM project has not gone according to plan…

Your CRM project failed ?



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We are now accredited as an Act! Premier Trainer partner

Project Support Ltd are an accredited Act! Premier Trainer partner – we can supply Swiftpage Act! training materials to support on-site or remote training.

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Act! Premium Cloud

Act! Premium Cloud is now available from Swiftpage – your Act! database is hosted in the cloud and available on a on a subscription basis.

More information is available on our Act Software Consultants website

Alternatively the following links are available for both trial and purchase:


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Act! Premium Subscription scheme

As from the 1st of July 2016 Act! Premium can only be purchased via a subscription for new AND upgrading customers. Subscriptions will be for a 1 year or 2 year term, payable monthly or annually.

When paying on an annual basis customers will receive a discount equating to 12 months cover for the price of 10.

Customers are available to purchase a permanent licence also – if required – at additional cost. The permanent licence/s can be purchased at the start of the contract or on anniversary of the contract.

Act! Pro does NOT come under the subscription service and continues to be available on a permanent licence as it is now.

As usual – if you have any questions then contact us.

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6 Ways to Sell Management on CRM

A useful white paper from Ziff Davis on the benefits of CRM to management can be downloaded here

Two wrongs don’t make a right. However, bad technology can make your whole business model seem wrong. When the boss doesn’t want to spend the cash, it may take some convincing to make things right.

The Ziff Davis guide can help you.

Download “6 Ways to Sell Management on CRM” to find out how to:
• Get beyond talks about money and focus on business value
• Discern between the top CRM systems for your industry
• Build a case for your business’ future
• Dispell common CRM myths

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Good CRM needs good Processes….

Excellence in CRM is not just about having a database with lots of fields, you need supporting processes too. Users need to know what’s expected of them, what information to record, who needs to record it, and when.

Great article here that supports this idea:

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The risks of SAAS or online cloud based systems

We have regular conversations with clients who say ‘I want it in the cloud’ we say ‘Why?’ The answer always seems to be ‘well everyone has cloud based systems’. We then have to explain the risks of taking this approach and the limitations of this approach.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some clear benefits of web-based systems and modern business is wholly dependent on websites and email to make them work but when you lose access to your documents, your email you’re a bit stuck.

It’s a bit like the ‘Kings New Clothes’ everyone saying how great it is not wanting to accept the reality so as not to look silly without realising how exposed they are, and they are tempted by low prices always thinking of saving a few pounds.

And then today this happens Office 365 and Azure are offline.

We rest our case.


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Act! Premium Hosted – Accreditation

We are please to announce that Project Support Ltd are fully accredited to the new Act! Premium Hosted product available from Swiftpage. Act! Premium Hosted will soon be available to customers in the UK.

Our websites will be updated as soon as this new product is available – in the meantime we can be contacted on 01473 659551 to discuss…


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