What is Launchcloud?   

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Use Launchcloud to create highly customised digital forms, then collect rich data fast with the iOS, Android or Web app on a tablet computer. View the results in real time and share them easily using Dropbox and more. A new way to capture data – paperless, instant and secure.

The data can then be imported into your CRM, or with bespoke development this process can be automated.

Launchcloud felt there just had to be a better way to collect, analyse and share data than paper forms and awkward file formats. Their form-building and analytics software – and data collection app – has uses across every industry and many uses within one company.

Suggested Uses

  • Customer Feedback
  • Sales Lead Capture
  • Risk Assessments
  • Annual Client Reviews
  • Insurance Assessments & Claims
  • Event Feedback
  • Order Forms
  • Check Lists


Easily create custom forms

Simply ‘drag and drop’ in Launchcloud to create unique branded forms for any project and push them to the app

Advanced user permissions

Who sees what forms and when can be specified in detail in Launchcloud to help ensure confidentiality

Automatic time and location tagging

Know your teams are in the right place at the right time by viewing them on Launchcloud’s map

Collect data offline with the app

Capture rich data offline – submitted forms automatically upload from the app to Launchcloud on reconnection

Act on your results instantly

See data come in in real time on Launchcloud and make good decisions fast using our easy-to-view graphs and charts

Share results with one tap

Launchcloud is fully integrated with Dropbox, Salesforce and other mainstream business services

Rely on our security

Be confident knowing all data is securely backed up, whenever the device and your computer are online

Use across your organisation

Launchcloud is a powerful tool with many uses – field marketing, end-of-day store reports, safety checklists and much more

24/7 support

Detailed FAQs and chat support help keep your data capture project running smoothly

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